Enjoy an enlightened program of creative retreats, ranging from poetry writing, film, music, and photography to wellness, yoga, and outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking and fishing. A place for minds to converge over diverse topics, as guests foster a spirit of togetherness that both informs and nourishes. In Spain, we call this Tertulias. 

The fragrance of the countryside and the peace of the river are the inspiration to create art, write a book, or just go fly fishing. This unique setting opens the minds and releases the heart, giving guests a place to explore their creativity and gather around subjects that ignite their passions.

The retreats serve as a cradle for enlightened minds to gather and converge. A place to build community, instigate curiosity and share knowledge. Each event is an opportunity for guests from around the world to grow and share their talents.

We are always inspired to imaginelearn and LIVE.

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Undisturbed and surrounded by peace, take your team away from the world. You can fly your private jet and land 10 minutes away from the Molino, where we will provide you with a personal chef and lodging for 30 people in a magical setting. 

Discover the Valley, it's people and it's ancient caves. Take a morning stroll along the rivers, a bike ride to the surrounding towns or a hike into the mountains. With clear minds, brainstorm the future. 




Molino Tejada, a place of rest, peace and growth.

Come have a dialogue with nature and your inner soul. Immerse yourself in a week-long yoga retreat where you can align both your body and your senses. 


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Find undisturbed relaxation in your private suite, hummed by the river, and surrounded by peace. 

Let the poet in you come alive. Become inspired with other guests, as you let the minds converge, and as you foster a spirit that will forever nourish your soul.




Art is all around us. From the light of the mornings to the absolute black of the night, with a million of starts leading the way. 

A blank canvas - your open mind. A color palette inspired by nature. The artist in you comes alive.


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Come explore the Ebro river. Born 35km away from the Molino Tejada the Ebro river travels across Spain to reach the Mediterranean. Embark on an a fly-fishing journey where you will make memories that will make you want to return.